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Accelerated NCERT Program for UPSC CSE

₹ 4600.00


About This Course

The accelerated NCERT Program is an online course designed to set up a solid base and strong foundation for UPSC aspirants.

The NCERTs are a crucial and irreplaceable component of UPSC CSE preparation. Almost every topper recommends a strong command over NCERTs to sail through this exam. This course is designed to ensure you have an expert-level grip on the NCERTs from the perspective of the UPSC CSE examination.

Along with the NCERTS, this course ensures the right guidance for UPSC so that the students can prepare in the right way. This will be achieved through regular strategy sessions to keep your preparation aligned with the UPSC CSE.

Who Should Take This Course?

Aspirants who are freshers and need a direction for what to read and how to read right from the very beginning of their preparation.

This course is a must for all those aspirants who plan to prepare for UPSC or State Services in 2023/24/25.

Course Features

  • Comprehensive Coverage of New NCERTs - Class 6th to 12th
  • Subjects Covered - Polity, History, Geography, Environment, Society and Science
  • Classes aligned with UPSC Demand
  • Result-oriented approach
  • Focus on Conceptual clarity and analytical skills
  • Validity of Recordings - till April 2024
  • MCQ tests
  • Strategy session
  • High value NCERT Notes

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