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Ace Prelims in 50 Days

Ace Prelims in 50 Days

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52 Chapters
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Ace the Prelims exam with comprehensive coverage of all the important topics with 50 questions daily for 50 days.

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Unveiling Success, One Day at a Time

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Discover a path that promises to transform your preparation journey for the Prelims.
Note - Limited seats available on 1st come 1st serve basis

Course Description

UPSC Prelims 2024 examination is scheduled on 26th May 2024. Keeping in mind the extensive need of practice and building confidence for the exam, Prepp IAS has launched a unique program named " ACE Prelims in 50 Days". It is a meticulously designed course aimed at aspirants preparing for the UPSC CSE Prelims 2024.

Recognizing the extensive syllabus, the pivotal importance of current affairs, and the limited time, our course adopts a systematic approach, offering a balanced mix of learning, practice, and assessment.In this course we will be covering 50 questions daily for 50 days to ensure rigorous practice and coverage of Prelims syllabus.In addition to the core subjects, we will also provide comprehensive coverage of 2 years of current affairs, ensuring you are well-versed with both past and present events.Through our expertly curated content and continuous feedback mechanism, we ensure that you don't just learn but internalize and apply the concepts effectively.

Course Objectives

  • Integrated Learning: Provide an in-depth understanding of the UPSC CSE Prelims syllabus while emphasizing the last 2 years of current affairs.
  • Progressive Assessment: Regularly evaluate, recalibrate, and heighten the performance of every aspirant.
  • Skill Augmentation: Sharpen analytical and logical faculties vital for both CSAT and General Studies.
  • Effective Time Utilization: Cultivate the knack for time management during the Prelims.
  • Building Confidence: Foster self-assurance and examination readiness through iterative practice and constructive feedback.
  • Adaptable Strategy Formulation: Enable aspirants to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, allowing for dynamic preparation strategies.
  • Current Affairs Mastery: Ensure a robust grasp of the latest events and their implications, preparing aspirants for real-world governance challenges.
  • Ethical Grounding: Instill a strong ethical foundation, which is pivotal for any prospective civil servant.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Encourage a broader perspective by interlinking various subjects, fostering a holistic view of topics.
  • Interactive Engagement: Facilitate active participation and interaction, ensuring that learning is not just passive but also engaging.

Key Features of Our Program:

  • 50 Days of Rigorous Prep: Experience an immersive and rigorous training program designed for unparalleled excellence.
  • 50 MCQs Daily: Engage with daily MCQs to continually refine your accuracy and understanding.
  • Detailed Explanations: Comprehensive explanations that bring clarity, ensuring no topic is left ambiguous.
  • CSAT Every 5th Day: We believe in a holistic preparation approach. Prepare for every aspect of the Prelims, including CSAT.
  • Evening Rank List: Measure, assess, and position yourself among the best aspirants.

The Prepp IAS Difference:

With the Prelims on the horizon, it's time for a strategic and targeted preparation. Our 50-day course isn't just about skimming through the syllabus - it's about conquering it. With a balanced mix of structured learning and regular evaluations, we stand by your side, ensuring that every day brings you closer to your IAS aspiration.

Why Choose "ACE Prelims in 50 Days"

Course Specifics:

  • Course Start Date: The course will begin on 20th November
  • Duration: A transformational journey spread over 50 days.
  • Platform: Learn and assess exclusively at our dedicated Offline Center and Prepp IAS Portal.
  • Timings: Every Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Embark on Your IAS Dream with Prepp IAS! Let every moment, every day, and every question take you a step closer to your dream. With Prepp IAS by your side, success is not just a possibility, but a promise. Enroll today and experience the change within!

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