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Science & Technology and Environment for UPSC | NCERT

Science & Technology and Environment for UPSC | NCERT

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Enroll in this NCERT-based course today to master Science, Technology, and Environment in just 21 hours and prepare yourself for success in the UPSC Civil Service Exam. Together, we will make your journey enjoyable, fulfilling, and victorious!

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Embark on a riveting journey through the pages of NCERT textbooks as we unravel the world of Science, Technology, and Environment in this UPSC Civil Service Exam course. Designed to cater to all students, regardless of their academic background, this comprehensive course condenses the most relevant information from NCERTs into a 21-hour curriculum. 

Course Objectives:

  • Decode complex concepts from NCERT textbooks, making Science, Technology, and Environment accessible and engaging.

  • Craft a targeted 21-hour curriculum that covers the exam-relevant topics in these subjects, saving you time and effort.

  • Foster conceptual clarity through interactive quizzes to reinforce your understanding and boost your confidence.

  • Provide concise summary notes to facilitate quick revision and enhance your retention during the exam.

Course Features:

  • NCERT-Based Learning: Delve into the core of Science, Technology, and Environment as outlined in the NCERT textbooks ( Class 6th to 10th and Class 12th)

  • Engaging Video Lectures: Accomplished educators present captivating video lessons, ensuring an enjoyable learning experience.

  • Selective Content: Focus only on the most important topics for the UPSC exam, eliminating unnecessary information overload.

  • Quiz: Regular quizzes after each NCERT chapter to assess your progress and adapt to the exam's demands.

  • Smart Summary Notes: Comprehensive notes summarizing key points for quick revision, leaving no room for last-minute panic.

  • Real-Life Applications: Discover practical applications of scientific principles, technological advancements, and environmental issues.

Course Validity - 02 Years

Course Curriculum