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Prelims Enrichment Program (PEP) - Crash Course for Prelims 2024

Prelims Enrichment Program (PEP) - Crash Course for Prelims 2024

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An extensive lecture driven course covering the entire prelims syllabus for UPSC 2024 along with Concise Notes for revision

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About This Course

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UPSC CSE Prelims is the 1st stepping stone for your dream of joining the Civil Services. The PEP Program is a fast pace rapid coverage program for UPSC Prelims 2024. The program covers the entire syllabus of UPSC Prelims 2024 in a comprehensive way keeping in mind the past trends and requirements of the Prelims examination. It also includes subject level strategies, Past Year Question analysis and discussions to ensure the effort is made in the right direction and in the right way.

Course Features

  • Finish entire Prelims Syllabus through detailed recorded lectures, with detailed PYQ analysis for every subject.
  • Total Duration of lectures- 325 hours
  • Initial sessions on every subject will be dedicated to strategies, prelims PYQ analysis and PYQ discussion to streamline preparation and be on track as per the requirement of the exam.
  • The lectures will cover all the static subjects and the associated dynamic aspects will be explained thoroughly by the faculty.
  • Lecture wise notes will be provided which can be extremely useful for your last minute revisions.
  • Doubt Resolution through Live Sessions( Weekly) for every subject.
  • The PEP will be divided into 7 Themes
    1. Polity Masters - Polity & Governance covers 1/5th of the entire Prelims Paper. And when combined with Current Affairs, this makes it the most important theme. So, take the first step through comprehensive lectures of 50 hours and give the desired shape to your preparation.

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    2. EnGeo Copers - Comprising Core Subjects : Geography, Environment and Mapping, the Theme will provide you an extra edge over others. It will encompass lectures of 50 hours and topic level guidance to ace the Prelims examination.

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    3. Economic Experts - Comprehensive coverage of Economy through 50 hours of detailed lectures along with linkage to Current Affairs. It will enhance your conceptual clarity and bring you closer to your UPSC dream.

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    4. Science Navigators - This theme has seen a significant rise in recent years and linking static and dynamic portions is the right way to approach this section. We have specially designed this theme in a way to cover NCERTs, all important Scientific developments and the related Current affairs. Duration: 25 hours.

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    5. History Makers - I came, I saw, I conquered.... You must've read this quote multiple times. Now, it's time to practice the same. Join this Theme and be rest assured of subject requirements- ranging from Ancient, Medieval to Modern History. Duration: 75 hours.

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    6. CSAT Dominators - There is no denying of the fact that this paper has become tricky in recent years. So yes, the fear is justified. However, worry not! Our Lectures, prioritized as per changing exam trends will help you reach a comfortable score. Duration: 30 hours.

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    7. Contemporary Achievers - Current Affairs are an indispensable part of UPSC preparation. However, aspirants often get confused on how to cover them holistically and link with static subjects. Keeping such challenges in mind, we've come with CPR formula- Concise, Precise and Relevant sessions to provide you with subject wise contemporary events encompassing all important topics in the last 18 months. Duration: 45 hours.

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The course also includes the option of adding prelims test series for 2024 which is completely aligned to the lecture schedule of the PEP.

Prelims Test Series for CSE 2024- The Last Lap ( Total 26 Tests- 21 GS + 5 CSAT)

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  1. Subject Specific Sectional Tests-11, Full syllabus Tests- 10, 5 CSAT test
  2. Topic Level Mini Tests including PYQs
  3. Current Affairs - Tests will include MCQs from CA of the last 18 months.
  4. Simulator tests to gauge exam readiness.

The main objective of our Prelims Test Series is to help you ace the UPSC CSE Prelims exam by:

  • Providing you with a rigorous and structured practice regime
  • Helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving your time-management and decision-making skills
  • Enhancing your knowledge of current affairs and general awareness
  • Building your confidence and reducing exam anxiety

This is done by -

  1. Coverage: Tests cover the entire UPSC CSE Prelims syllabus from all standard books and NCERTs
  2. Performance Analysis: Detailed performance analysis and feedback to help you improve your scores through subject wise and difficulty wise analysis of questions
  3. Expert Tutors: The tests are prepared by educators who have scored 120+ in multiple prelims and interview appeared educators
  4. Tests similar to UPSC Pattern: Real-time test simulations to help you familiarize yourself with the exam format
  5. Revision: 2x revision via Sectional Test and Full Subject Test
  6. CSAT Coverage: 5 Full Length CSAT tests are provided as a part of full length mock tests.
  7. Flexibility: The student can attempt the tests according to their preparation schedule.

The program's standout feature is its flexibility, as it can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to save valuable time and enhance your overall productivity.

Starting from 9th December!

NOTE: the program includes weekly live doubt classesconducted by the faculty to address your questions and concerns, making it a comprehensive and all-encompassing educational experience.

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