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Prepp IAS Mains Mavericks: Mains Test Series for UPSC Mains 2024

Prepp IAS Mains Mavericks: Mains Test Series for UPSC Mains 2024

Product information

Number of chapters
13 Chapters
Number of contents
30 Contents

Ace the UPSC Mains 2024 exam with 14 Half Length Sectional Tests, 12 Full Length Tests, 3 Essay Tests and 5 Simulator Tests.

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The UPSC CSE Mains Exam is known for its level of difficulty and competitiveness. As a result, candidates dedicate extensive time and effort to prepare for this examination, often seeking guidance from mentors and using study materials to enhance their chances of success.

Prepp IAS is launching the MAINS MAVERICKS program which offers mentor-guided preparation for UPSC CSE Mains 2024, emphasizing a TEST-SERIES based approach.

Course Objectives
  • Holistic Preparation Equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the UPSC CSE Mains syllabus, ensuring no topic is left unturned.
  • Test-Taking Skills Through a combination of half-length, full-length, and essay tests, help students develop the ability to manage time, structure answers, and present arguments effectively.
  • Insightful Feedback Provide students with detailed solutions and evaluation for each test, offering them a clear insight into areas of improvement.
  • Current Affairs Integration Make sure students are updated with current events by integrating relevant topics from the current year into the test series.
  • Predictive Analysis Assist students in anticipating the expected paper level for the upcoming year by consolidating and analyzing past years' papers.
  • Confidence Building Guiding students mentally and academically to prepare them for the exam and transforming the exam anxiety into confidence.
Why should you join the MAVERICKS?
  1. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage:
    • The test series is structured to ensure complete syllabus coverage within a specific timeframe.
    • Ample time for revision is incorporated, facilitating comprehensive practice of questions.
  2. Predictive Paper Creation:
    • Questions are meticulously crafted by consolidating past years' papers.
    • Relevant topics from the current year are integrated, enabling students to anticipate the expected paper level in the upcoming year.
  3. Detailed Solutions:
    • For each test paper, we offer meticulously analyzed and neatly-framed solutions.
    • These solutions provide students with insights into how to present data effectively in the actual exam.
  4. Post Test Analysis and Guidance:
    • Beyond test administration, we provide essential components like detailed post test analysis and Guidance.
    • This support helps students identify their weaknesses and guides them in taking corrective measures.
The Mains Mavericks Program is available in two batches



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